Inventory Count Sheets
Print inventory count sheets for multiple inventories by Area and Product Description or Area and Location Number
Counting inventory is fast and easy using inventory count sheets that are printed in the order that you take your inventory in. You can arrange your inventory count sheets for your physical inventory so that they print is "Shelf to Sheet" order which is the inventory sheet has the products in inventory in the same order that the are sitting on each shelf. This makes doing an inventory count fast and more accurate as you are not flipping back and forth trying to find each item. You can also print each inventory sheet in order of area and product description which arranges the products by the product name or description within each area or group. If you are doing a cycle count the program has a perpetual inventory feature where you can keep up with inventory movement all the time.

You can print count sheets at anytime and spot check you inventory. With the Golf Club Software program you can print count sheets to do a physical inventory or the program will print bar code shelf tags so that you can do a bar code inventory of your items. Bar code scanning you inventory can reduce your inventory count by as much as 75% and increase the accuracy at the same time. You can also do both a physical inventory and scan your inventory with the optional bar code reader.

If you are doing an inventory audit this inventory software gives you easy access to the amount of product on hand at all times and overall valuation inventory amounts.

Following proper inventory procedures you will always have an accurate inventory count every time and complete inventory accuracy.


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